sobota, května 30, 2009

KarlCast Vol.33


download (69 min, 82 Mb)

Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster (LP The Eternal)
Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire (LP Post-Nothing)
The Field - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (LP Yesterday and Today)
DVA - Bullet A Go ft. Flowdan, Riko, Killa P, Badness (SP)
Dimlite - Quiz Tears (7 x 7 Beat)
10-20 - Milvus (10-20)
DJ Paleface ft. Kyala - Would You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
Cage - Nothing Left To Say (LP Depart From Me)
CYNE - Pretty Apollo (LP Water For Mars)
Passion Pit - Little Things (LP Manners)
BLK JKS - Lakeside (EP Mystery)
Sunn O))) - Alice (LP Monoliths & Dimension)

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