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Unclassics 2: Xasthur - Telepathic with the Deceased (Napalm/Moribund, 2004)

genre: black metal, dark ambient

U know what? Xasthur must be really pissed being called "The American Burzum". Just because he did not kill anyhone and never burnt any churches and did not became nazi (he really havent done anything of this, right?) doesnt mean he is a worse musician than Vars. Black metal fans are never satisfied with the ammount of authenticity you get and being American doesnt help, but Malefic really is amazing. His greatest moment came on the Leviathan split and Telepathic With the Deceased released the same year is - i think - his career highlight. This is dark as hell and the "lo-fi old broken tape muddy sound" effect doesnt get overplayed. We all love it when the band (one-man-band more like) plays so fast that the sound blurs and in fact becomes motionless. And then the fucking keyboards!!!! On his later albums (just like this year's one) Malefic tried too hard to persuade us that he really is a great composer (which he is not), on Telepathic he is at his best to balance art and ambition. Hail the Goat!

Other recommended albums by Xasthur:
Xasthur: Subliminal Genocide

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