čtvrtek, září 24, 2009

Unclassics 24: Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep (Ninja Tune, 2002)

genre: nu jazz

I was never a big fan of Ninja Tune nu-jazz staff they released around the millenium. But Funki Porcini's last (or latest, cause his new one called On is slated for 2009, but god only knows if this ever gets released) album has a place in my heart. Oh, yes, it does! This is really sofisticated future jazz with some hip hop beats and vintage synths. It almost seems as if Funki Porcini AKA James Braddell is too smart for his own listeners. Usually I avoid stuff like that, but Fast Asleep is neither boring nor too intelectual for its own sake. I know, plenty of people still think Ninja Tune is the best label ever, even though they released only few good albums in 00s. I do not wanna argue. Play this music to your new girl/boyfriend when you want to impress them and by the time Back Home ends you will be both naked & making sweet sweet love. Good luck!

Other recommended albums from Ninja Tune label from 00s:
Amon Tobin - Supermodified, 2000
Fog - Fog, 2002
Skalpel - Skalpel (2004)
Airborn Audio - Good Fortune (2005)
The Bug - London Zoo (2008)

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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omnimpotent řekl(a)...

Great choice, I consider Mr.Funki to be one of the most consistent music producer, all his previous pieces were great...I personally prefer Hedphone sex..Anyway, keep on doing yer great job and try to publish more stuff not already present at my collection:)
Best of luck