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Unclassics 37: Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland (Domino, 2003)

genre: singer/songwriter

I was reading Simon Reynolds' remarks on post-punk in Totally Wired and I totally loved what he has to say about Robert Wyatt. To post-punk generation he was something like a grandfather being ex-member or psychadelic legends Soft Machine and political lector to likes of Gang Of Four or Scritti Polliti. However, he survived the post-punk years and in our decade, turning 60 he created two of his late masterpieces - Cuckooland and Comicopera (his greatest album is of course Rock Bottom that he made in 1974). Reynolds claims Wyatt is the enbodiement of anti-rock spirit, which goes through the history of popular music and cant agree more. Even the fact that he made his best albums (and one of the best albums of our decade) in his late years supports this, rockers never age gracefully - this man did. (I chose Cuckooland, because Comicopera got its classic status by being selected to best album of 07 in Wire, right).

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Cuckooland was best of the year in the wires 2003 rewind as well