čtvrtek, října 15, 2009

Unclassics 45: Metro Area - Metro Area (Environ, 2002)

genre: nu-disco, house

Morgan Geist released a compilation called Unclassics, so he deserves to be mentioned here. OK, he would have been namechecked even if this was called differently, cause he made a few notable contributions to the great disco revival of 00s. With Metro Area and the above mentioned compilation he perusaded people that this retro sound might be cool again and in fact started the whole thing of re-interpreting the maligned genre called disco. No more ABBA or Bee Gees, 70s disco history has been retold again going back to its deep deep gay gay roots. I wrote a lot about this shift, which in my opinion was one of the greatest things made possible by the internet revolution. The album collects various singles of Metro Area released during late 90s and early 00s. They never did anything else together, apart from Fabric mix. Fortunately Geist still makes great music and runs the great Environ label.

Other recommended albums from Environ:
Kelley Polar - Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens (2005)
Daniel Wang - Idealism 2005
Various - Unclassics 2004
Morgan Geist - Double Night Time (2008)

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