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Unclassics 70: Scott Walker - The Drift (2006, PIAS)

genre: noise pop

Again album which can hardly be called unclassic. Though you will hardly read about this guy in your average glossy music magazine. Well, people used to, Scott Walker was a pop crooner and his band Walker Brothers were at one point of career in 60s called "the next Beatles" (well, they might be the first, but not the last). But Scott's music got stranger and stranger and The Drift might be one of the most otherworthly albums made in 00s. Imagine bad opera singer crooning to beats made by punching fresh beef meat with baseball stick. Musicians who abadoned their pop career and started doing weird music are very much loved by intellectuals and bookworms, as if this prove their lifelong struggle against popculture (there are many more artists going the opposite way, though). Fuck them, Walker never boasts about his artistic journey as he never gives interviews and can't be bothered by anything. He is man of 60, so distant from us. I keep this album on my MP3 player (who has only 1GB memory!) in case I ever have a mood for such a thing, but I never listen to it all at once. Don't try it, please or you are done with.

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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