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Unclassics 77: The Angelic Process - Weighting Souls With Sand (2007, Profound Lore Records)

genre: ambient drone metal

The story is as extreme as Angelic Process music. K.Angylus made this excellent album and then died. For someone obsessed with death this came as an ironic end of career. The songs on Weighing Souls With Sand are based on the topics of dying and it is indeed a very heavy stuff. Droning guitars everywhere and even thought this is technically metal, Angelic Process never abandon pop sensibility of My Bloody Valentine shoeagze. The best recommendation: this sounds like all the Nadja albums (and hell, there are plenty of them) compressed into one. We all die laughing, at least I hope so.

PS: Big props to Profound Lore, one of the best labels of the decade.

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