čtvrtek, prosince 17, 2009

Unclassics 108: Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun (1999/2000, Birdman, Warner Music Japan)

genre: noise

The 00s was a decade in noise and Boredoms might be THE referential point to the whole contemporary noise scene. Bands like Black Dice or Sightnings grew up on 90s japanoise boom and Boredoms was the most influential japanoise band in West. (They supported Sonic Youth, etc.) Just like Super Ae from 98, Vision Creation Newsun is no longer sonic whiplash that will make your ears bleed, but adventurous exploration of the beauty of distortion & weird sounds. Maybe it has more in common with freedom celebrating krautrock that with Hitler moustache machismo of Whitehouse. And in 2000 it was a revolutionary thing that noise music can be (this much) FUN (and I do not mean fun like in smashing-your-friends-head-with-beer-bottle fun.) Fucking head music! This is possibly the biggest legacy of Boredoms to our era. They got even weirder after that, changed their name on various occasions and alienated even the most hardcore fans.

(the album was released in december 1999 in japan, in the rest of the world the next year)

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