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Unclassics 94: Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (2006, Re-Up, Star Trak, Jive)

genre: trap music, hip hop

Pharrell & The Neptunes destroyed pop chart in the middle of the 00s, but then their creativity somehow dried out with boring rock attempts with NERD, terrible terrible Pharrell solo and countless copycat singles for pop starts. Thankfully, some of their stuff was more and more weird as they tried to return to form and created some of the strangest pop hits of the new millenium - Drop It Like Its Hot for Snoop, Hollaback Girl and Wind It Up for Gwen Stefani and of course this Clipse's album. Howerer, noone is sure when exactly the beats on this were made as the album nearly got lost admist labels merging chaos. Well, it says a lot about the state of pop industry when 2 of the finest black music albums of 00s made by the most - speaking about Hell Hath... and In Search Of nearly never got released. The beats are mega futuristic Bomb Squad-style with Clipse talking bullshit about crack game. This albums is not about them, and their career failed without the Neptunes help. If Pharrell & co. had made this album at the beginnings of their carreer, this would have changed the whole hip hop as we know it.

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