úterý, ledna 19, 2010

Terror Danjah - Gremlinz

OK, you need this in your life. Terror Danjah's collected instrumentals Gremlinz (on Planet Mu) is a great example how hard this guy kicks it. I can't think of any grime beatmaker with so many unique ideas. By the way - I always wondered where do the rappers get in. The beats are so intensive by themselves, occupying all the aural space. Shit, they do not need rappers - which might be the best praise ever said for instrumentals. OK, old school grime rappers went to sell their soul (looking to you Dizzee, Wiley, Tinchy, Kano, etc.), what is left of the scene are the hard hitting beat makers like Danjah. Respect.

What you really need in your life is his remix of Skepta's DTI. This is sonical madness, three and half minutes of grime mentalism. You also need to hear the Skepta's original choon and know the context - DTI is a police squad looking for pirate radios. The shout "DTI" is similar to screaming "fire" or "help" - highest alert on the scene. The white noise is sound of station disconnected and beats sound as people running in the undergound very quickly. SERIOUS!!!

PS: Both tracks were released in 2003.

PS2: This is the best soundtrack to Sonic Warfare book by Steve Goodman AKA Kode9 that I am reading right now. Sound used as a weapon!

Skepta - D.T.I. (Terror Danjah's Remix), 2003 Dice Recordings


Skepta - D.T.I. (Pirate Station Anthem), 2003 Dice Recordings


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