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Track-a-day: DVA

Wife & husband duo from the north of Bohemia called DVA ("two") is for sure one of the most interesting Czech bands these days. I was asked to be among the bunch of journalists to set up a chart of best czech albums of 00s and thus spend most of the day by browsing my music archives (cassettes + CDs + mp3 - yes, it was a turbulent decade). And I listened again to DVA's debut Fonók (Indies Scope, 2008), which struck me again as album which I should have listened & praised more upon its release.

Imagine demented kitchen-unit folk with crazy beatbox and infectious melodies all sung in non-existent language - the stuff you would expect from too-much-inteligent theatre people who smoke too much weed. (The last piece of information might not be completely true, dunno.) If I was asked to recommend one contemporary Czech album to a foreigner (=no lyrics taken in account) it would be certainly this one. Well, all that said left me with no choice but to include them in my Top 5 of czech albums of the decade. (The rest in MF Dnes on Saturday.)

(Cool video by Jaromír Plachý who also made my sister's wedding invitation :)

There is a web only album of various theatre-related stuff on their web & they are also working on a new album right now (which was confirmed with crazy Facebook exchange with DVA's Bara). There are also 2 other tracks which made me shout very loud that DVA are the future of Czech hip hop! Really! Although I would call them post-hip hop, they use the hip hop aesthetics of stealing from various genres, but - thanks God - avoiding the strict/street-bullshit ethos that killed the genre's creativity. Check out their weird version of Suchý & Šlitr's classic Tingl Tangl from 60s on Semafor Theatre tribute album (For Semafor released on Klíče label). This song is for me the most inventive cover version on this album. (As much as I respect and admire Pavel Klusák's monumental effort with this compilation, I offer only stream of this song. By the way, Pavel is sampled at the end of the song.)


The other song is DVA's remix of a song by Peťo Tázok & Karaoke Tundra called Laco nikdy neklame from their Album (2007, Bigg Boss). Tazok's album is about crazy town full of mad people and DVA's remix play very nicely with this idea - just check out the broken-music box sample - very Madlib-esque! It is included on the remix version of the album (OK, Album) called Neuveriteľne smutný album out now on Starcastic. (You can get 4 tracks for free here - DVA's one included.)


Btw. there is another project called DVA - great and prolific grime producer.

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