pátek, ledna 22, 2010

Track-a-day: Monolake - Infinite Snow

Monolake - Infinite Snow

A lot has been said about dub & minimal techno mixing with dubstep - Monolake's latest album Silence is very much like an altar to this genre - making all the other attempts - well - redundant. In a German-like manners, this is extremely detailed and focused piece of work that you could enjoy the best in a high volume on a massive PA. In the Wire interview Monolake's Robert Henke claimed he is bored with 4/4 beats and in Silence he built sonic structures on destructed rhythms (part acoustic part digial) - but keeping the dub dread / tension with echos and sparsity of the sounds. This is great album for this year's winter - check Infinite Snow with heavy beats falling slowly like snow.


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