úterý, ledna 05, 2010

West vs. Jonze - We Were Once a Fairytale

Seriously, did you know that Spike Jonze a Kanye West made an 14 minute film We Were Once a Fairytale? Wiki says it "premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival", but there has been no official release yet. (Maybe it has something to do with Ye acting as na asshole at VMA and everywhere else regularly.) Of course, this is internet and words like "offical" mean nothing here. So now you can see the flick by yourself - drunk Kanye wreaking havoc at a posh LA party and then trying to kill his inner deamon whom he pulls out of his insides. Cool. It is very blurry & dreamy and you will love the scene in which totally pissed Kanye hears his own song My Worst Nightmare at the party and is like: this is my song, this is my song. but a moment later he realises that he has been living the story of the song - acting like an asshole. If you want a deep dive in Kanye's troubled soul, watch this or South Park's episode from the latest season in which Ye realizes he is in fact a gay fish.

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