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Unclassics 12: David Banner - Mississipi: The Album (2003, SRC / Universal Records)

genre: hip hop, dirty south

The rappers are the best on their early albums, when they still sound hungry. In early 00s it was still possible to sound raw and harsh on major label album, which is unthinkable of today. Just have a look at the cover and how pissed Banner is. What is he angry about? Plenty things: slavery, black on black violence, the guy who sold him dog food one day past expiry, etc. I doesnt matter, when he shouts: Fuck that nigger! you start feeling weakness in your legs. There are couple forgetable slow jams in the second half, but hey, it's a rap album not a Sixteen Chaple! MTA was a breakthrough for Banner and university educated first rate spitter looked like the future of dirty south. He really seemed to be a reasonable person, but he sold out just like everybody else (except for me, right) and made couple terrible albums, the last one - The Greatest Story Ever Told - being one of the worst albums I heard in a recent memory. Fuck you, suck a dick, bitch!!!!
There is also chopped & screwed version of the album made by Mike Watt 9000. N***z made albums like that in Houston back in 04 and it's a real psychedelic experience in which the slowed down snipets of a song mutate into each other. This should evoke the efect of infamous Purple Drank, headz drink in Houston. Fucking madness, no wonder all the rappers and DJs sold out or were sent to lunatic house later on in the decade.

Other recommended album from Houston chopped & screwed scene:
Devin the Dude - Waitin' to Inhale: Screwed & Chopped
Trae - Same Thing Different Day

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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