neděle, září 13, 2009

Unclassics 13: Matthew Shipp - Equilibrium (Thirsty Ear Blue Series, 2002)

genre: modern jazz

I hate all the jazz that came after radical free jazz turned into funky/fusion. I also hate when people associate jazz with boring music for conservative middle class, fuck that! Fuck all the old jazz farts, who should be dead already. Jazz was a real sound of revolution and we forgot that when all the raw blackness was taken out of it. 90s lounge/chill out nu-jazz did not help much, it was conservative and boring just like anything Marsalis (either of them) made in the eighties. However, there are some people who still make you feel the chill down your spine once they star playing. Pianist Matthew Shipp is a hero of Ny downtown scene and in 00s he made great collabo with El-P on Sunrise Over Brooklyn (OK, his album with Anti Pop Consortium wasn't all that sweet) and plenty other albums I havent heard (sorry). Equilibrium was made for the Thirsty Ear Blue Series and it is heavy post-bop with hip hop & techno in mind (I hear it there!). This is no lounge old-farts music, this is some heavy shit only black jazzmen can make!

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