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Unclassics 14: Lifelover - Pulver (GoatowaRex, 2006)

genre: black metal, emo

The only emo album that can cross threshold of my flat. This might even be a joke and a good one - black metal crossed with weeping indie rock, but plenty people with no sense of humour dont get it (black metal fans are usually serious as hell. you know why? cause they cant get any pussy, suckers). I do not want to discuss how Lifelover balances on self-parody, its both suicidal and life-affirming, both sad as hell and very joyfull. There are samples from children cartoons all over the album which makes it even more funnier. Pulver was first album by these Swedish guys who even call themselves funnily (Mr. () on vocals, Mr. B. on guitar and Mr. Non on drums, etc.) and even I heart the other two LPs, I claim the first one the best. There were plenty of great singer/songwriters from Sweden in last decade and Lifelover are much closer to cool swedish pop than you think. But they also vomit in their songs, so dont play it to your mother, right!

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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