neděle, září 20, 2009

Unclassics 20: Acoustic Ladyland - Skinny Grin (2006, V2 Records)

genre: punk, jazz

I know ya all dig Zorn. I did too, all my university mates did, so I had to as well. Acoustic Ladyland reminded me of Zorn, kind of. But there is less actual destruction and more melodies. Do not take me wrong, this album is by no means lounge jazz as it is fast as hell and it is much closer to post-punk-funk crossover than to actual bebop or whatever. There is a guest stop by James Chance in Scott Walker's remix of Salt Water, which is a fucking funky ride, the best thing you can experience with your pants on (quoting Miles Davis, right). It's a shame these guys will be probably more remembered by their side-project Polar Bear with Leafcutter John, that was nominated for Mercury Prize. The same thing "happened" to British TV On The Radio, ehm... The Invisible, project of Tom Herbert, former member of Acoustic Ladyland. Those guys are on to something...

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