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Unclassics 21: Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds (2007, Studio !K7)

genre: techno, jazz

No matter what Mathew Jonson does, he is always right. Fusing techno with jazz? This could be a horrible nightmare, but the Canadian trio with Jonson among them managed to swing 4/4 and rock the funky breakbeats. OK, this works even better on separate singles, but this project is all about albums and 23 Seconds is a reminder how great they sounds. If you are interested, you should dig Cobblestone Jazz Live At Mondo Madrid May 10th 2007 (which was included with the original version of 23 Seconds, but I do not include it in my zip file). There is less techno wankerism and more jazz wankerism (somehow, the latter is more tolerable). And I can hardly express how I love everyting Wagon Repair (Jonson's label) releases. Such a consistent output! But you should be fans of future techno jazz or funky robots...

Other recommended albums from Wagon Repair label:
Deadbeat - Roots And Wire, 2008
The Mole - As High As The Sky, 2008
Mathew Jonson - Symphony For The Apocalypse: New Age Revolution EP, Walking On The Hands That Follow Me EP, The Gemini EP, etc.

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