úterý, září 22, 2009

Unclassics 22: Zombi - Surface To Air (2006, Relapse)

genre: prog-rock, space rock

You got me! If there is anyone who follows my writings about music (and is still relatively sane), s/he should know by know that I love unusual fusions and genre crossovers. OK, I in fact hate jazz fusion and the crossover, but you surely understand what I mean. Zombi took stoner metal and put synths into it, which seemed as a great idea before one million other bands did the same. Surface to Air even sounds a lot like 70s german cosmic rock/krautrock and some of the prog-rock bunch, who actually got any taste. Tangerine Dream jaming with Black Sabbath might not be the best description, Zombi are not that "heavy", but oh boy, eighteen minutes of Night Rhytms is pure heaven. Do you remember Ricky Gervais genius britcom Extras? The catch phrase of its main character (played by Gervais himself) in a tv sitcom he made was "are you having a laugh?" Just change it to: Are you having a wank and ask that the guys in Zombi. And they would answer: Yes. For the whole eighteen fuckin minutes! Hell, they have to be the reason why 70s italian prog-rock band Goblin made their comeback recently. Goblin made soundtrack to Lucio Fulci zombie flick Zombi 2 and I dont have to say anything else.

Other recommended albums from space rock revival:
Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio (Fonal, 2009), Tasankokaiku (Fonal, 2006)
Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing, ATPR, 2008

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