pátek, října 09, 2009

Unclassics 39: Go Home Productions - MashUps vol.1 & 2 (bootleg, 2003)

genre: mashup

The mashup fever was possible because the internet became the Celestial Jukebox once the Napster (and its clones) was born. All songs ever made could be heard at any given time. This made some people wonder what would happen if all our favourite musicians from different times (all at their personal peaks) got together and created songs. Internet just as mashup made this illusion of utopia, where there is no time or space or even money involved. My theory is that the internet was the last space of freedom and majority of interesting things came out of this in 00s and the creative energy can be still seen around the internet. Why do I use the past tense? You know, government and corporations are going to kill this freedom very soon, just like every other. And what are we going to be left with? This compilation for example in which Charlatans jam with Michael Jackson and Joy Division replace dead Curtis with Missy Elliott. What a ride this is! In 03 people like me and Go Home Productions believed that the future of pop is a bright place, however the greedy corporations killed everything with their property rights etc. Mashups turned into the novelty hits (last summer's hits nobody wants to hear again) and the scene got extremely boring and predictable. Mr. GHP even released a mashup album on EMI, which bombed. What an irony.

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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