pondělí, října 12, 2009

Unclassics 42: DJ Scotch Egg - Drumized ( Load Records, 2008)

genre: chiptunes

Chiptunes hardcore was a really crazy fad. Well, when you had Malcolm McLaren in Wired ranting about "Nintendo becoming the next guitar", everyone had to admit this had been a fad. There must be hundrets of hardcore nerdz who dedicate their entire life to re-wiring their old Nintendo and never got laid, drunk or stoned and still live their life quite happily, but I hope never to meet them. I dont know much about DJ Scotch Egg (he was in Prague some time ago, wasn't he?), but somehow the fact that he is Japanese seems very appropriate when you listen to his album. The other chiptunes guy I dig is Quarta303 (yes, the one who did remix of Kode9 Nine Samurai on Hyperdub) and he is of course also Japanese. Drumized was in fact released on Load Records alongside noise/hardcore acts such as Prurient, Hospitals or Lightning Bolt, but hey, this is propably the closest any chiptunes shit managed to get to mainstream.

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