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Unclassics 63: Matias Aguayo - Are You Really Lost (Kompakt, 2005)

genre: microhouse

With his single Minimal (including excelent DJ Koze remix) Chile-born producer Aguayo officialy declared minimal dead as music with "no balls/just pumpin' pumpin' pumpin'". Ironically, with Are You Really Lost 3 year earlier he produced one of the milestones of the genre, altough nobody cares if it really should be called that way. It is colourfull house with plenty of latin and old school electro influences and Aguayo is never afraid of using vocals. Just like with De Papel - one of the utterly briliant singles of this decade. But it is not just this song, The Green & The Red, So In Love or Radiotaxi are examples of otherwordly dance music for people who love it minimal.
PS: He has just released a new album Ay Ay Ay, which is brilliant. This guy rules like totally.

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