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Unclassics 62: Sunn O))) - Black One (2005, Southern Lord)

genre: black/drone metal

No beating around the bush - Black One is the best album by Sunn O))), although this year's Monoliths&Dimensions is very close. Here O'Malley & Anderson paid homage to Scandinavian black metal fathers, but just as you might expect they mixed sonic template of black metal with heavy drones. Very often this sounds "just" like slowed down version of Mayhem recorded with hi-tech equipment. As if Sunn O))) stripped black metal, or rather cut off the unncessary bullshit and all that remained was the spooky atmosphere. I see why orthodox metalheads have problems with this album, Black One is just too out-there and too testosteron-free for you average metal taste. Oren Ambarchi and Malefic from Xasthur featured on this album.

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