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Unclassics 66: Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb (Terre Thaemlitz, 2003)

genre: abstract, house

Too many intelectuals can destroy house scene, but don't blame Terre Thaemlitz. He knows how to do a straight 4/4 beat (well, it is fairly easy, isn't it?), but he can also make an album made out of strange loops and political speeches. Lovebomb consists of highly abstract post-house music (I dare to say), but also of political messages, which is very rare for "dance music" scene. Interestingly enough, Thaemlitz is also one of the handfull of musicians who found their new home in Japan. And ever since that he seems to be working on his music with japanese sense of workmanship - making two and more albums a year.

Other recommended albums by TT:
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Terre Thaemlitz - Oh, No! It's Rubato, 2001
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DJ Sprinkles - Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone) from 120 Midtown Blues

Terre Thaemlitz - Space Junk from Oh, No. It's Rubato.

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