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Unclassics 67: Boris at Last -Feedbacker- (2003, Diwphalanx/Conspiracy)

genre: drone metal, ambient

The "deserted island music" question somehow played itself out once iPod made it possible to cram your whole life collection into a small plastic box - but still. If anyone asked me what my desert island band would be, I'd answer - Boris and their whole discography. I saw them live twice, listened to all of their albums very carefully and even spoke with their drummer once, but I still can't somehow understand how it is possible that they became the very best rock band of 00s. And if I say rock, I mean "rock-as-evolving-genre" and no "kings of fucking leon" rock. If there is one band who still manages to re-create the wonder of electric guitar 50 years Elvis, it is for sure Boris. They never cared about genres, every album is different, but they can do anything and it always ROCKS! Pink might be their people's masterpiece, but 45 minutes of heavy droning in 5 movements AKA Feedbacker is certainly highlight of their career.

feedbacker live - all 53 minutes - incredible video

Farwell from Pink. My favourite Boris' song.

Other recommended albums by Boris from 00s:
Pink (2005)
Flood (2000)
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (2003)
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2 (2006)
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3 (2006)
Sun Baked Snow Cave (2005) w Merzbow

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