sobota, prosince 12, 2009

Unclassics 103: Moha! - Raus aus stavanger (2006, Rune Grammofon)

genre: abstract jazz metal

The name in the genre box (which I have just made up) may sum up everything. This is hell-of-a ride made by two norwegians guys who love doing abstract thing with their instruments. One of the two - Anders is also a member of Jaga Jazzist and Noxagt (which gives him rare treat being included twice in our list.) Noxagt might be a referential point, but Moha! is more abstract, more out-there and more about spacey smoked out grooves, which never ever go the way they were supposed to go. Big props to Rune Grammofon - one of the best labels of the 00s!

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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