neděle, prosince 20, 2009

Unclassics 111: Bjørn Torske - - Feil Knapp (2007, Smalltown Supersound)

genre: electronic, space pop

The cold north Europe again and their unusual take on pop music - Bjorn Torske from Norway was making music since the beginning of decade, but the hype caught him with the space disco fever later on. Feil Knapp is an album of blissed out electronic pop from outter space (just like the best moments from Royksopp - minus the dull vocals - combined with the best moments of Lindstrom - minus the pretentious intelectualism. When listening to this music you suddenly want to kiss yourself, which is a kind of Buddhist Koan which the space disco people encounter quite a lot.

Big up to Smalltown Supersound!!!!

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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