pátek, října 23, 2009

Unclassics 53: The Focus Group - Hey Let Loose Your Love (Ghost Box, 2007)

genre: ambient, hauntology, Musique concrete

Thanks to "hauntology" thing the Ghost Box from Edinburgh became the hip label for all the intelectuals, theoreticians and Derrida reading folks (me being one of them, right). The conceptual theories behind their songs (library music, old radio broadcasts, acettate vinyl, advertisement music etc.) is cool, but the music itself is very pretty and delicate. I must admit the albums kind of blur into each other, but the sophomore album by The Focus Group seems to be the essential listen. The reason might be the fact that the guy behind TFG - Julian House is also a founder of the label and the designer who creates the magnificient covers.

from Phenomena and Occurrences DVD

Advisory Centre - Sundial

Other Recommended albums from Ghost Box label:
[gbx007] belbury poly - the owl's map
[gbx003] belbury poly - the willows
[gbx006] advisory circle, the - mind how you go
[gbx008] focus group, the - we are all pan's people
[gbx010] advisory circle, the - other channels

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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