sobota, října 24, 2009

Unclassics 54: Neurosis & Jarboe - Neurosis & Jarboe (Neurot, 2003)

genre: experimental metal

Neurosis are thinking metal fans Metallica, by which I mean they make interesting music, push boundaries and never sold out. They made plenty of great albums, most of them already in the 90s, but the one I should listen to immediately is colabo with ex-Swans keyboardist & vocalist Jarboe. Why? Because she balances the metal machist pose, this dick wanking guitar style with her womanhood. She reminds me of a witch - I must stress out that this is something positive - who controls the testosteron driven metalists and mades them do whatever she wants. Fantastic album, I never wanted to make the chart of 00s, but this one would be near the top (supposing the top would be big enough for like 50 albums)

)dl( get it while it's hot, I delete the files after 3 days

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